B.C. Fisheries Threatened?

Canadian Angling.com (July 31, 2012) — Recent research by scientists have revealed that a deadly virus is now threatening the B.C. sport fishing industry. The research was completed by Simon Fraser University professor Rick Routledge and Stan Proboszcz, a fisheries biologist at the Watershed Watch Salmon Society. They discovered that the piscine reovirus (PRV) have infected the cutthroat trout caught […]

Cougar Shot in Southern Ontario

Canadian Angling.com (July 10, 2012): This past weekend, a cougar was shot after mauling a families dog in Huntsville. The MNR confirmed that police shot the cougar dead. It took 6 bullets to put the cougar down. Earlier in the week the police had issued a bulletin reporting that a big cat was attacking family pets in the region. While […]

The Flying Squirrel

Canadian Angling.com (February 5, 2012). One of the most elusive species in North America is the flying squirrel. While their name suggests that they can fly, the flying squirrel actually glides through the air. You can see the rest of its family daily eating and climbing about, but you rarely see the flying squirrel. They are strictly a nocturnal species […]