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Lunar Activity Increases Fish Caught

Canadian (August 25, 2014): As many of you know, Canadian Angling has been posting the Best Times to Fish for many years. I use this for fishing every week, as I personally have found that it improved the odds of catching a fish. Some people may be skeptical, but now there is actual scientific proof that the lunar cycle does affect the feeding habits of fish. There have been a few studies that suggested a connection between the moon’s activity and their feeding behavior. This is much better proof. Scientists published in PLOS ONE by Mark Vinson from U.S. Geological Survey and Ted Angradi from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They studied fishermen’s catch results for 350,000 musky and correlated this with the lunar cycles.

The interesting thing that they found was that there was an increase in fish caught in most fisheries. They found that the increase during a full moon and during a full moon than any other time. Interestingly they found out that fishermen caught 5% more fish during peak times. Fishermen need every edge we can get while fishing and this is another tool. They also noted that this effect was stronger on larger Muskie and also one’s in higher altitudes. “Our findings give statistical support to what many anglers have believed for a long time, that the moon matters — we are not sure exactly why, but it matters. Muskellunge are notoriously difficult to catch, so anglers will appreciate any edge they can get” Mark Vinson added. While this is one of the tools I use, I also look at river levels, water clarity, food availability, and water temperature, weather conditions that day and pervious day and the season.

Wayne Sheridan