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What happened to all the Frogs?

Posted January 1, 2014 By Wayne

Canadian Angling.com (Jan 1, 2014) As many people have noticed, frog populations are in decline over the past 15 years and millions of frogs have disappeared. Scientists have found that an infectious fungus called chytrid is the cause of the mortality. This fungus has now spread to Kansas, specifically the Wichita area. The research was conducted by students from Wichita State University. Read the remainder of this entry »


Higher Salmon Survival

Posted November 29, 2013 By Wayne

Canadian Angling.com (Sep. 28, 2013) We have all experienced stress so bad that we have forgotten what we were doing or what we were going to get. What were we looking for again? Where did we put it. Where are my keys, etc. We all have experienced this in our lives. This is caused by stress. Stress also plays a role in the survival of salmon in the wild and also in aquaculture. Scientists have discovered that chronic mild stress is the root cause of the problem, a problem where we lose 20% of the salmon every year. Read the remainder of this entry »


Canadian Angling.com (Nov 17, 2013) — The Canadian Federal government is at it again, they do two things right and then one big dumb mistake: by changing the legislation on fisheries habitat. Scientists at the universities of Calgary and Dalhousie reported this in a new study. They say that the changes will eviscerated the ability to protect habitat for most of the country’s fish species. Now, were the changes made by sound scientific advice? Were they based on looking at the whole ecosystems’ interactions? No, but probably politically based… Read the remainder of this entry »


Reindeers’ Eyes Change Colour

Posted November 2, 2013 By Wayne

Canadian Angling.com (November 2, 2013). Scientists have discovered a strange twist with the eye colour of Artic Reindeer. They found that the colour of their eyes change, depending upon the season. They believe that the reason for this is to help the reindeer adapt to the low light conditions in the winter and also to help them recognizing possible predators and increasing foraging opportunities. Read the remainder of this entry »


The Abominable Snowman

Posted October 21, 2013 By Wayne

Canadian Angling.com (October 21, 2013) Normally we don’t write articles about legends, myths, rumors, stories, etc, but since there is now some scientific research about the Abominable Snowman (Yeti), we decided to discuss their findings. For eons, the natives of the Himalaya Mountains have discussed an apelike species that lives there. Was it a legend or myth, no one knew until Bryan Sykes, a professor of genetic at Oxford did some research. Read the remainder of this entry »