Another Unwanted Guest in the Great Lakes

Canadian : The Great Lakes have another invasive species ( the 188th) to worry about in the Great Lakes, the bloody red shrimp (Hemimysis anomala). They probably hitched a ride on a freighter, like all the other invasive species. It is a tiny crustacean, native to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. They strain tiny bits of plant and animal materials from the water as they swim and are difficult to locate because it is nocturnal, preferring to hide in rocky cracks and crevices near the bottom along the shoreline. They have also invaded Western Europe and they have greatly damaged the native fisheries. They are prolific breeders and unfortunately feed on the same food as small perch and walleye. The only good news is that they will be eaten by the fish that inhabit the Great Lakes, unlike the spiny water flea. Anyone who has fished the Great Lakes with downriggers, know how much aggravation the spiny water flea can cause.

You can help stop their spread to inland lakes by following a few simple precautions. Empty your livewells when going from one lake to another and disinfect it and wash the exterior of your boat. The Michigan Lakes and Streams Association and the state Department of Natural Resources are setting up boat disinfection stations at state run boat ramps. The stations also include instructions on how to properly clean your boats. Or at Here is a picture of the bloody red shrimp, click to enlarge.
Red Shrimp