Mayan Hieroglyphics

Canadian (December 1, 2011): Recent research by a German scientist says that the end of the world (apocalypse), is not going to be on December 21, 2012 but a transition to a new era. Sven Gronemeyer of La Trobe University in Australia interpretations were recently presented at the archaeological site of Palenque in southern Mexico. This latest round of […]

Bats Being Killed By Fungus (Nov. 8, 2011) Lately we have been following the story of what has been happening to the bat population in southern Ontario and the USA. We noted that we hardly saw any bats this summer around their normal flight locations. Recently the U.S. Geological Survey scientists and their partners’ found the cause of the white nosed syndrome in bats. […]

Cod (August 9, 2011). Finally researchers are starting to notice a recovery of Cod and other ground fish after 20 years. The populations crashed in the early 1990’s due to over fishing along the east coast. Their research was recently published in the July edition of Nature. William Leggett (professor Department of Biology) said; “this early-stage recovery represents a long […]

Bats White Nosed Syndrome Update

(Originally posted June 2010) Canadian White Nose Syndrome has been found in some bats in the Bancroft/Minden area of Ontario. This is a white fungal disease that only effects bats and is not transmittable to humans. We first heard of this last year where the fungus attacked bat populations in New York State and knew it was only a […]

Asian Carp: Debate

Canadian (July 24, 2011). There is a debate among scientists, environmental groups, researchers and governments on the long term environmental ramifications of the Asian Carp invading the Great Lakes. At the present time most of the focus has been on the Chicago canal’s electric fence where they are trying to hold back the Asian Carp from entering Lake Michigan. […]

Genetically Modified Atlantic Salmon Effects Wild Gene Pool

Canadian (July 19, 2011) Canadian researchers have found that genetically modified Atlantic salmon can successfully bred with wild salmon and effect the wild genetic pool. Their recent research has been published in Evolutionary Applications, and looks at the genetic effects of commercial farming and discusses its implications. . “The use of growth-enhancing transgenic technologies has long been of interest […]

The Mayfly

Many people are curious about the mayfly and its life cycle. They are insects which belong to the Order Ephemeroptera (from the Greek ephemeros = “short-lived”, pteron = “wing”, referring to the brief lifespan of adults). The adults are short-lived, from a few minutes to a few days depending on the species. About 2,500 species are known worldwide, including about […]