Small Freshwater Shrimp Health of Food Chain

Canadian Scientists are now using biological markers to determine the presence of toxic substance in the river and lakes. They are using the European method of using the small freshwater shrimp (Gammarus) as their biological marker. They can see the impact the contamination has on the shrimp’s biological functions and use this as a method of measuring the contamination. […]

Largemouth Bass Genetics: Vulnerability of being caught is a Heritable Trait

Canadian Researchers at the University of Illinois recently concluded an experiment on largemouth bass lasting 20 years that found that vulnerability of being caught by fisherman is a heritable trait. The researchers used a resident population in Ridge Lake (Charleston). Fishing was restricted with fishermen having reserved fishing times allocated and all fish were placed in a live well. […]

Lake Huron Salmon Face More Challenges

Canadian Every year brings new challenges to salmon fishing in Lake Huron and this year will be no different. “It has been a different system every three or four years for most of our lives,” Hewett (DNRE’s Fisheries Co-ordinator for Lake Huron and Erie) recently told a Port Huron fisheries workshop. The good news for Lake Huron’s predators is […]

Another Unwanted Guest in the Great Lakes

Canadian : The Great Lakes have another invasive species ( the 188th) to worry about in the Great Lakes, the bloody red shrimp (Hemimysis anomala). They probably hitched a ride on a freighter, like all the other invasive species. It is a tiny crustacean, native to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. They strain tiny bits of plant and […]